MCDA Listserv

The Official Maine Community Development Association Google Group

Members: Once you have been added to the MCDA Google Group you can send a messages to the group by emailing:

1) Do I need a Gmail email address to be part of a Google Group?
No. You can opt to receive discussion posts via email (any email provider) or you can create a Google Account using any email provider. If you have a Gmail account already, you automatically have access to a Google Account.

2) Do I need a Google Account to be part of a Google Group?
If you want to get the most out of using this Google Group, then the answer is “yes”. If you don’t have a Google Account, you can still read and join in discussions through your email. However, you won’t be able to create or edit groups or post files. You also won’t have access to the easy-to-use dashboard where you can clearly view your Google Group activity. You can create a Google Account using any email provider.

3) When posting messages to the MCDA Google Group members should keep in mind the following general guidelines:

  • If you want to reply to an individual, use their e-mail not the list!
  • Participation on the listserv is limited to current MCDA members. If the e-mail is not on the list, that address can’t send or receive mail.
  • The purpose of this valuable resource is to provide an open forum for the posting of announcements and discussion of news, ideas, and information relating to municipal government management.
  • Each message should be suitable for this site and constructive as to content.
  • Always remember that your responses to questions or inquiries are posted to all members on the listserve.
  • Always sign your name at the bottom of the message as some email addresses do not identify the individual
  • You send a message for your colleagues to read and/or respond to. Messages are posted in response to yours, and so on.
  • A message sent to the group goes to everyone in the group and is saved on the web (in the Google Group)

The MCDA listserv is a managed by the Training & Affiliate Group staff at MMA. The e-mails are updated and deleted as members join the organization or change jobs or change their email address. Members should contact if you experience any problems or to change your e-mail address.