Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, April 25, 2001

Meeting opened by Al Smith, President, at 6:40 p.m. at the Ground Round, Augusta. 

Those in attendance were Ron Harriman, Ron Harriman Associates; Al Smith, City of Bath; Brenda Chabre, Madawaska; Suzie Paradis, Fort Kent; Robin Damboise, Fort Kent; Michael Baran, DECD; Tony Levesque, Fort Fairfield; Dan Gaimond, Fort Kent; Ryan Pelletier, St. Agatha; Peter Lyford, KVCOG; and Debbie Johnson, DECD.

Financial report given by Ron Harriman, Treasurer. Motion made and accepted to approve.

Al Smith reviewed the minutes of the video conference. Tony Levesque moved to accept video minutes and to keep previous minutes tabled. Accepted.

Affordable Housing Bond - Public Hearing was held last Thursday and was well attended. LD 1593 workshop will be mid May. Al Smith encouraged all groups to add support to this bond. Contact him or MSHA. Also contact legislators. Al explained that education of the public will be necessary if the bill passes. A full $20 M is needed. Continued involvement is needed with implementation and rule making. Discussion was heard regarding the content and use of the bond funds. MSHA would be the lead agency to complete rule making. Peter Lyford of KVCOG stated that the MCDA views need to be expressed to the coalition during the rule-making process. Mike Baran noted that our interest is different from other agencies that have expressed support for the bond. Debbie Johnson stated that the focus of the bond will be renovation of existing 2 - 5 unit apartment buildings and owner occupied.

Al reviewed Dick Kelso's efforts with Labor analysis.

Mike Baran stated that CDBG Appreciation Day will be announced soon, and will probably be held in August. The CDBG Implementation Workshop will be held soon, and MCDA will discuss the role of the Advisory Committee during those workshops. The Certification Workshop will be held 6/28 and 6/29. Mike would like to use the University of Maine System for these certification courses. Workshops will also be offered to provide lead training to contractors.

There was discussion regarding the HAPG program. Mike Baran stated that if Assessments are to continue as a program, there will be revisions and a model will be in place. He further stated that a completed Comprehensive Plan often provides all the necessary data and may be equal to an HAPG. Debbie Johnson stated that a town can submit the Comprehensive Plan data to DECD, but it must be in the right format.

Program for the MMA Convention - Al Smith stated that the focus will be on Public Facility and Public Infrastructure programs. Mike Baran suggested that accessibility of 
public buildings and ADA 504 is an important issue, and may be a good topic. Discussion followed regarding panels, work sessions, and concurrent sessions. It was suggested that the CDBG Boulevard used previously in conjunction with other service 
providers be used again at the next convention. The convention dates will be October 10-12, 2001.

Debbie Johnson gave a presentation on lead paint poisoning. She stated that the emphasis is now on lead dust, whereas previously the focus was on chewing. Renovation is a major cause of poisoning--70% of lead poisoning is the result of renovations. ADD kids are often connected with lead poisoning. Lead damage is irreparable. It also causes damage to adults. New lead rules apply to CDBG year 2001 programs. EPA rules have existed for a long time and require that pamphlets be given to homeowners by contractors if over two square feet is worked on. There is a correlation between the ban on lead in gas and a reduction in the crime rate. Every property receiving between $5,000 and $25,000 of assistance must be lead safe, regardless of the presence of children. Pamphlets must also be provided by landlords to tenants. Lead abatement is necessary if over $25,000. Lead safe is: (1) No flaking surfaces, especially friction surfaces; and (2) Teach people to clean properly. Lead paint must be bagged and can simply go to the landfill.

Al Smith informed attendees there will be an MCDA meeting on June 9, 2001 in Fort Fairfield.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,
Ron Harriman