General Membership Business Meeting

Friday, August 18, 2006


The Maine Community Development Association held a general membership meeting in conjunction with CD Appreciation Day at the Post 2 American Legion in Augusta. 


Isaac Wagner, President                                            Washington Hancock Community Agency

Christopher Spruce, Vice President                            Island Housing Trust

Mike Baran                                                               Office of Community Development

Tammy Knight                                                           Office of Community Development

Mathew Eddy, Past President                                    City of Brunswick

Mary Walton, Board Member                                    City of Caribou

Jim Gulnac, Board Member                                        Town of Sanford

Rodney Lynch, Board Member                                  City of Rockland

Al Smith                                                                     City of Bath

Don Keiser                                                                Town of Houlton

Michelle Begin                                                           Kennebec Valley Council of Governments

Ron Harriman, Treasurer                                            Harriman Associates

Steve Dyer                                                                 Aquarion Engineering Services

Mike Bush                                                                 Eastern Maine Development Corporation

Suzie Paradis                                                             Town of Madawaska

Ryan Pelletier                                                             Town of St. Agatha

Darryl Sterling                                                            Town of Richmond

Dan LaPointe                                                             Town of Van Buren

Joella McBreairty, Secretary                                      Northern Maine Development Commission

Daniel Feeney                                                            Town of Lisbon



          CALL TO ORDER:  Isaac called the meeting to order at approximately 9:00 a.m. 


I.       APPROVAL OF MEETING MINUTES FROM JUNE 9, 2006 MEETING:  Moved by Matt Eddy to approve the meeting minutes; seconded by Steve Dyer.  The minutes were approved as presented.


II.      NEWS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS FROM MEMBERS:  Al Smith of the Town of Bath announced that on September 16th, the Town will hold its 8th Annual Citizens Appreciation Day.


III.     TREASURER’S REPORT:  Ron Harriman reported the following for the period ending July 31, 2006.


Revenues for the Month:  $157.00        Expenditures for the Month:  $622.00                  Net:      -$465.00

Year-To-Date:                        $9,152.00          Year-To-Date:              $6,398.00          Year-To-Date:  $2,754.00

Fund Balance:          $8,588.00       


IV.        REPORT ON JUNE 9TH WORKSHOP WITH M.A.P.:  Isaac reported that the June 9th workshop with the Maine Association of Planners was well-attended by members of M.A.P., but there was a low turnout of MCDA members.  The workshop focused around base closures.  The guest speaker at the workshop was Mr. Jim Hicks of RKG Associates.  The afternoon session of this workshop included a bus tour of Brunswick Naval Station.  Highlights of the tour included the completion of the State’s largest hotel, new hangar facility, and newly completed housing on base.


V.      REPRESENTATIVE TO COSCDA CONFERENCE:  Moved by Joella McBreairty and seconded by Jim Gulnac to nominate Mary Walton as the MCDA representative to attend the COSCDA Conference in San Antonio.  The vote was unanimously in favor.


Discussion on COSCDA included the importance of MCDA attendance at these annual conferences because COSCDA is a very important lobbying group for the CDBG program. Also discussed was the expenditure limit for this conference.  Although a set limit has been established in the following motion, there was discussion that any conference-related expenditures will be reviewed and reimbursed if necessary.  Motion made by Al Smith and seconded by Ron Harriman to authorize an amount not to exceed $2,400 on conference-related expenses.  The vote was unanimously in favor.                        


VI.     BECOMING A MEMBER/BENEFITS OF MCDA MEMBERSHIP:  MCDA holds training workshops for community and economic development representatives.  This year MCDA held a Housing Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Workshop in February, a joint MCDA/OCD Workshop in April, and a joint Maine Association of Planners (MAP) Workshop in June.  These workshops are highly beneficial for local communities.  Since the TIF workshop, two communities have undertaken very successful TIF programs and the OCD joint meeting in April helped to set the budget for the 2007 CDBG Program.


Other workshops planned for the MMA Convention included –

o       TABOR (In conjunction with Maine Municipal Association)

o       Continued Housing TIF workshop

o       Tax Credit


VII.  ADJOURN:   Isaac Wagner will set up a conference call for our next meeting.  In the meantime, he will contact Mike Starn of MMA to discuss a possible session on TABOR and what effects this would have on the local community; and MSHA regarding a follow-up session on the Housing TIF.             


The meeting adjourned at 9:50 a.m..


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Joella R. McBreairty