Friday, November 4, 2005


[Note: minutes are unapproved.]


The Maine Community Development Association held an organizational meeting at the Eastern Maine Development Commission’s Conference Room in Augusta on Friday, November 4, 2005. In attendance were:  Isaac Wagner and Rodney Lynch; attendance via conference call were:  Tony Levesque, Chris Spruce, Cyndy Carney, Don Keiser and Mary Walton, Al Smith.




Isaac called the meeting to order at approximately 10:00 a.m.




Because some members did not receive a copy and the small amount of members in attendance, a motion to table the minutes was made by Tony, seconded by Chris and approved unanimously.




In Ron’s absence, Isaac gave the Treasurer’s Report as follows:    


      Income This Month:      $    2.00                                   Year-To-Date Income:  $2,223.00

      Expenses This Month    $ 103.38                                  Year-To-Date Expense: $5,524.00

      Net                             ($101.38)                                                                        ($3,301.00)


     Expenses for the month included postage etc ($3.38) and MMA contract for services $100.00.


      Fund Balance as of 010/31/05: $7,561.00


A motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report was made by Tony and seconded by Chris.  The motion was approved unanimously.


A brief discussion ensued concerning the budget and how it relates to income and expenses, especially in light of the fact that the organization is running in the red on a monthly basis.  The membership discussed the need to look at where income has come from in the past and look at ways to increase that income.  Tony stated that over the past few years the budget has contained several ongoing items, including:  Contract for services with MMA (is now four times higher than in years past); COSCDA conference participation (generally around $1,000); MMA Convention ($550.00).  This past year there were two new items:  Seed funding for a grant writer to contribute to the Northern Aroostook Wells and Septic Program (NAWSP) application and the “white paper” written in support of the CDBG program funding.  It was pointed out that the last fours years MCDA has not sponsored educational seminars that have generated a good deal of income in the past.


Consensus of those present was to table the Revenue and Budget discussion until the next meeting but to make it a high priority topic.




The group discussed various ideas for meeting topics, dates and locations and tentatively selected the following:


1)         December 9, 2005 from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm – Executive Committee Meeting to discuss Program Development and Housing TIF Program. Participation could be via teleconference from various locations (Augusta, Bangor, Presque Isle) Isaac will discuss with Mike Baran.  It was suggested to email an invitation to this meeting to the General Membership.

2)         February 10, 2006 – Housing TIF workshop in Augusta.  Suggestions for participation included:  Eaton Peabody, Lee Bragg and Mike Finnegan from MSHA.  It was suggested that Isaac be appointed to head this meeting program.

3)         April 2006 – Community Development Day at the Legislature.  It was suggested that there would not be time to conduct a workshop but perhaps we could hold a General Membership meeting either the evening prior to or directly after the event to start working on the MMA convention agenda.

4)         June 9, 2006 – Tour and workshop at Naval Air Station Brunswick to discuss Base Realignment and Closure issues.  Could dovetail with Redevelopment Authority meetings and offer the organization our assistance.  Full day event – possible attendees could include CD/ED/Housing/Planning officials

5)         August 18(TBD), 2006 – Community Development Appreciation Day in Augusta.  General Membership Meeting

6)         October 4-6, 2006 – MMA Convention and Annual Meeting.  Schedule workshops/panel discussions on community and economic development resources (funders) and profile projects that have demonstrated innovative blending of resources.

7)         November, first week (TBD).  General Membership meeting to discuss 2007 program.

8)         December, first week (TBD).  General Membership meeting to develop 2007 programs, membership.


Other ideas for meeting/seminars included:  Section 504/ADA Training; Affordable Housing & Zoning (We could partner with CEI, MAP, SPO, etc and do evening/Saturday morning training sometime in March.  Maine Affordable Housing Network could perhaps commit some funding and/or expertise); General session meeting concerning funding agencies (MDOT, HUD, MSHA, RD, DECD, FSA); Program Development & Membership; Taxpayer Bill of Rights.  It was pointed out that we should re-establish the subcommittees and look at ways to increase the membership of MCDA.  The MCDA By-laws state that in addition to the Annual Meeting, MCDA is required to have at least four regular meetings.  They do not address several issues such as what constitutes a quorum or explain the make-up of the Executive Committee and the group felt that they may need some revision in the coming year.



V.      Discuss Subcommittee Composition for 2006.


Consensus was to table this discussion until next meeting scheduled for December 9th.  Chris Spruce agreed to draft a membership drive letter to present at next meeting.


VI.      Adjourn at 11:45.