The Maine Community Development Association held a meeting at the Target Technology Center on Friday, November 19, 2004 at approximately 9:30 a.m. Present were:

Matthew Eddy Isaac Wagner

Joella McBreairty Peter Lyford

James Gulnac Ron Harriman

Mike Bonzagni F. Tracy

Michele Gagnon Cindy Carney

Jon Underwood

I. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by President Matthew Eddy at approximately 9:45 a.m.

II. APPROVAL OF MEETING MINUTES: Jim Gulnac moved to approve the meeting minutes of October 7, 2004 with the following additions noted: Ron Harriman and Mike Bonzagni were present at the annual meeting; seconded by Isaac Wagner. The vote was unanimously in favor.

III. TREASURER’S REPORT: Ron Harriman provided the following financial information:

Net Loss of $118.00 for the month; but Net Gain for the Year of $890.00. The fund balance is $12,695.00. Also noted was the fact that there was a $400 increase in membership this year. Mike Bonzagni moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report as reported by Ron; seconded by Cindy Carney. The vote was unanimously in favor.


Advocacy Committee:

Ron Harriman and Chris Spruce serve on MCDA’s Advocacy Committee. Due to the time involved in dealing with the Palesky Tax Cap, not much advocacy has occurred over the past year. However, the introduction of the new IRC code, which replaces the BOCA building code, would be an ideal issue to advocate at the State level.

Communications Committee:

The MCDA Newsletter is made available on a quarterly basis. In the past, many of the articles have revolved around the CDBG program, but we would like to get away from this past practice and look to other community and economic development and planning organizations. A deadline will be established by Joella for each quarter so that MCDA members can submit articles to be included in the Newsletter. Suggested topics for the next newsletter: Confronting NIMBY-ism, IRC Building Codes, Downtown TIF.

Membership Committee:

The Membership Committee is made up of Al Smith, Tony Levesque and Matthew Eddy. Attracting people from the urban area has been problematic.


1) Frank Tracy, member of the Maine Builders Association and the Maine Building Officials and Inspectors Association, was present at the meeting and discussed the new 2004 IRC, which replaces the BOCA code. This new code allows for each municipality to adopt its own code and change the code as needed. It was recommended that someone from the MBOIA speak at one of our meetings to talk about the new code and how the changes could be effective. Cindy Carney of Coastal Enterprises Inc. will meet with CEI officials to discuss funding for a workshop.

2) Michele Gagnon suggested Mark Scarnas as a potential guest speaker to talk about service centers and regionalism. The Service Center Coalition is a statewide coalition of municipal leaders from service center communities that have come together.

3) Invite Commissioner of the Maine Department of Transportation to talk about the elimination of Regional Transportation Advisory Committee (RTACs), which has recently been replaced with a format similar to that of the State of Pennsylvania. The new format places a high priority on local community input when planning, designing and implementing transportation improvements.

4) Get DECD to talk about the Municipal Investment Trust Fund and the relationship with the comprehensive planning process.

GUEST SPEAKER: Mr. Jonathan Underwood, Director of Coastal Enterprise, Inc.’s AmeriCorps Program, gave a brief presentation on AmeriCorps. Their mission is to help low-income elderly and disabled people remain independent in their own homes through housing modifications.

* They currently have 25 members assigned to Maine’s independent corporations.

* At this time, they are looking to non-profit organizations for management placement of these members. An organization must hire a member as a full-time employee for 11 months.

* AmeriCorps pays insurance for each member. They get a living allowance while working on the project.

* The corporation must have the ability to use this person in a project and is responsible for reporting.

* There is a required $10,000 cash match for each person.

* You can find a person to work on a project and have AmeriCorps certify them as a member.

* Age requirement is 18 and over.

* CEI AmeriCorps does considerable training before placing a member with the organization.

* Skills level varies depending on the organization.

* Examples of how AmeriCorps members have contributed in the past:

1) Ellsworth: Two members have worked in the soup kitchen, replaced windows, minor housing renovations.

2) Lewiston: Two people work at maintenance tasks, running activities in the Activity Center for seniors.

3) Westbrook: One person is running the Activity Center for seniors.

VII. SCHEDULE: The following calendar of meetings was established:

1. January 14 (Executive Committee Meeting) in Orono/Bangor area. Orman Whitcomb, Guest Speaker

2. February 11 or March(General Membership Meeting) Meeting with IRC Guest Speaker in Augusta

3. April 11 (Executive Committee Meeting) in conjunction with CD Day at the Legislature in Augusta

4. May 13 (General Membership Meeting) in Ellsworth/Belfast area. Potential speakers from the Service Center Coalition, Gov. Baldacci’s Office, MDOT.

5. June 10 (General Membership Meeting) in Fort Fairfield

6. August 19 (Executive Committee Meeting) in conjunction with CDBG Appreciation Day

7. September 16 (Executive Committee Meeting) Organizational Meeting to set format for MMA Convention in Brunswick

8. October 6-8 MMA Convention and MCDA Annual Meeting

9. November ? Meeting to establish goals for the upcoming year

The next meeting is scheduled for Friday, January 14, 2004 at 10:00 a.m. at a location to be determined. The meeting adjourned at approximately 11:30 a.m.

Respectfully submitted by,

Joella R. McBreairty