March 10, 2000
Millers Restaurant, Bangor

Attendees: Al Smith, Tony Levesque, Lynne Paul, Chris Shrum, Mike Bush, Brenda Chambre, David Wylie, Charles Upton, Ron Pellieter, Catherine Noyes, Charles Rutledge, Orman Whitcomb (DECD).

1. Call to order by Al Smith. Tony suggested having a MCDA Legislative Event. Tabled to later meeting.

2. Reviewed minutes of the 01/14/00. Motion by Tony L. to accept the minutes of the meeting with changes requested by Orman Whitcomb. Second by Brenda C.. Motion passed.

3. Review of financial report. Motion by Tony L. to accept the financial. Second by Brenda C. Motion passed.

4. Review of Correspondence and Old Business. Passed around correspondence received. Passed around the newsletter and discussed it. Need an article from DECD. We would like to publish the next newsletter in June.

5. Old Business. Discussed possible training classes which would be offered by MCDA. All new members should get a copy of the newsletter, bylaws, and a letter from the President.

We discussed David W.’s issues and concerns about the CDBG Housing Assistance Program. He was concerned that some people were not receiving assistance (the worse cases were unlikely to get help). There is a need for resources for home replacement. We discussed resources such as Habitat for Humanity, Job Corp. Students. Lynne P. discussed the plan for building a center in Dexter to build home replacement houses in a training program. She also noted that Penquis Community Action Program (PCAP) has developed a program with Rural Development for Replacement Housing. We discussed having a housing summit and inviting MSHA, the CAP(s), DECD, Rural Development, and other housing agencies. Tony L. suggested working with the Housing Consortium Group.

Orman W. said that DECD has been bouncing around some ideas concerning the HA program. Considering allocation spit up in regional areas. Lynne P. commented that she hoped that DECD was not considering allocating the money to the CAP agencies. Orman did not indicate that this was now a consideration. Orman did comment that in some instances the person would be better served if they moved than do a complete rehab on their home. Housing providers should consider what is the best alternative.

Tony L. suggested that Urgent Need Funds might be set aside for a family who needs a home replacement. Orman said that the funds have to go through a community and the process would the same.

We discussed a housing summit to coincide with the MMA Convention. Al will talk to Cindy Carney from the Maine Housing Technical Consortium about coordinating with them.

6. Update from DECD/OCD (Orman). Successful and unsuccessful communities should know by Monday or Tuesday if their Downtown Revitalization, Micro Loan, and/or Economic Development Infrastructure projects were funded. The DECD Web page will be redone and have a home page. It will feature a community every month. There will be a contact page and a discussion forum. Brenda C. wanted to know if more forms and documents will be available. DECD is creating a file for forms and documents. Tony L. asked if the certification program would be on the Web page. It is doubtful that will happen. It was suggested that people send DECD pictures to put on the Web page.

7. Al told the members that we would be receiving $3000 from the training grant this year. The MMA conference would be the place to provide the training. Some ideas were conflict resolution and technical housing. Chris S. was going to find out what the theme of MMA Conference would be this year. Tony L. suggested doing a mini seminar during the CD Appreciation day (tentative date August 18). Al suggested acting(doing a stage thing) which would last 35 -40 minutes. We could also do a separate training at the June MCDA meeting in Aroostook County.

We had a discussion about MCDA adopting a community to provide technical assistance directly. Tony L. suggest that it would help the community. We could have a role where the community contacts MCDA for best resources, funding sources. Mike B. suggested that we develop a slide show which helps the community walk through the process. Charles R. said that the CD Director is how a small town invest in itself and certain towns do not want that level of responsibility. Al outlined the ides for a video and grant manuals for communitas. Charles R. suggested a mentoring program for people new in the field.

A motion was made by Tony L. and seconded by Charles R. "authorize the President to go to MMA establish a Web page which will include the newsletter, officers, bylaws, and pictures. Motion passed.

Meeting Adjourned.