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MCDA Networking List

What is a Networking List?

How does a it work?

How do I sign up?

Suggested guidelines.


What is a Networking List?

It is an e-mail networking list that permits you to:

  • Network with colleagues
  • Quickly resolve problems and seek solutions
  • Seek advice or answers and get responses quickly
  • Actively participate in discussions or simply monitor news or developments
  • Stay involved with the organization



How does it work?

Think of it as a bulk mailing system. You send out a message for your colleagues to read and/or respond to. All messages to the list are received by everyone on the list. Messages are posted in response to yours, and everyone on the list gets to see the answers. Participation is limited to current MCDA members. Messages to the group can only be sent or received at your subscribed e-mail address.

Once you are subscribed to the list, to send a message to the listserv simply send an email to:



How do I sign up?

The MCDA list is managed by the Resource Center at MMA. If you would like to subscribe or unsubscribe from the list, contact the Resource Center. The Resource Center updates the list as members join the organization or change jobs or change their email address. Members should contact or 1-800-452-8786 if changes need to be made to your list information or if you are having problems using the list.



Suggested Guidelines:

When posting messages to the list keep in mind the following general guidelines:

  • Messages should be consistant with the purposes of MCDA and it's members.
  • Always remember that your responses to questions or inquiries are to everyone on the list.
  • Respond to the individual sender not the list if the message is not for everyone. Thank you's should not be on the list, for example.
  • If replying to the list, please cut the earlier trailing messages before hitting send to reduce the size of the message.